Insights available with your personalized Social Security Maximization report: 
  •  Qualifying for Social Security Benefits 
  •  Working While You Receive Benefits 
  •  Calculating Your Retirement Benefits
  •  The Future of Social Security: Solvency Issues and Reform Proposals
  •  How to Find Your Social Security Benefit Amount
  •  Taking Benefits Before Full Retirement Age  
  •  How COLAs Affect Benefits
  •  Strategies for Maximizing Your Social Security 
  •  Taxation of Benefits
  •  Windfall Elimination Provision & Government Pension Offsets 
  •  Medicare & Social Security
"I loved the "Action plan" part of the analysis. It provided me the dates and steps I needed to implement my strategy." 
-Mark, Dearborn, MI
"My analysis gave me the data I needed to confidently decide to begin collecting my benefits a whole year earlier."
-Barbara, Grand Rapids, MI 
"I had no idea that I could collect from my ex-spouse and retire now instead of waiting 3 more years. I wish I would have known sooner."
-Cheryl, Grand Rapids, MI 
Social Security Analysis
Calim your analysis now!
  • Understand the reduction amounts if you decide to take benefits earlier 
  •  Estimate your benefits using inflation adjustments over your lifetime 
  •  Estimate the taxation of your benefits
  •  Know the reduction of benefits while you work
  •  Your personal time table and task lists for claiming your benefits
  •  Determine the financial impacts of claiming of benefits later 
  •  Know your spousal, divorced spouse, widow, & widower benefits  
  •  Understand how the COLAs affect benefits 
  •  Know where Social Security fits in with your other sources of income
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